Open a screwed on watch back

Here’s another watch-related bodge sent in by Peter:

A Swiss Army knife, duct tape, and a cricket ball can save
YOU tens of dollars!

I like that this blog has offered ideas on how to reduce the use of
batteries (e.g., the vacuum cleaner suggestion).  I am all for this
approach, and have stemmed the flow of lithium into my carbon
footprint by employing only good old-fashioned mechanical power in my
wristwatches.  Sure they’re not as accurate as a quartz watch, (or
your phone), but who needs to know the exact time anyway?  Besides,
being late is fashionable, especially if you’re a municipal bus.  The
problem with a mechanical watch (and a battery-powered one for that
matter) is that, from time to time, one must get inside the working of
it to service or regulate it, and the manufactures have managed to
make that pretty difficult without special tools.  But fear not!

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