Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer? app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer? v1.4 is now out, and I think it’s pretty slick and more fascinating than ever.  Since its initial release, I’ve added several new features including native iPad support, political party analysis, a much larger professions data set, and sharing via e-mail.  It’s also snappier due to major performance improvements.

App store link

The original idea for the app occurred to me when my wife and I were coming up with a name for our (then future) daughter, and I realized that there’s so much more to a name than the basic popularity info and “name meanings” text that all the baby name apps and websites I found centered around.  Nothing out there provided much in the way of real data.  What do people named Julia tend to be like?  Turns out that Julias tend toward filmmaking, professional snowsports, and tennis.  They’re also usually Democrats.

I got started on the app during our daughter’s naps while I was on paternity leave, and the first version of the app was ready for launch 6 months later.

When I showed a pre-release version to some friends one night at happy hour, and they crowded around wanting to find out about their own names and their friends’ names, I knew that I had something special and that it’s an app for everyone, not just expecting parents.  Hence the name, “Nametrix,” which you could view as “Name + Metrics” or perhaps more as a feminine (“-trix”) version of the word “Namer.”

Here’s the latest description in the app store:

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