Baby name research app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

I’ve bodged together another app for iOS, and Apple has just released it to the App Store.

It’s called Nametrix, and it’s 99 cents.  Here’s a direct link to it.

I created the app when I realized that I could build an app with really interesting name analysis tools that no other apps have.  There are hundreds of name and baby name apps in the iOS app store, but as far as I’ve seen they’re all pretty much the same basic census data plus fluff.

Nametrix’s content is based on census data, occupation data, and political contribution data.  With that, I’ve built what I think are some unusual tools, including these:

  • View what occupations are disproportionately common for a given name (e.g., Aerospace Engineer is #1 for Alexander)
  • View year-by-year, state-by-state name popularity heat maps, and animate via a slider
  • View graphs of male vs. female popularity
  • View full name rankings for 1910 through the present by gender

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Here’s the full description from the app store:


Name research taken to another level — eye-opening and interactive features you’ll find in no other app!

• “Mason” – More common among scientists… or strippers?
• “Ava” – Southern name or Northeastern?
• “Taylor” – More popular as a boy’s name or a girl’s?

Explore the answers to these kinds of questions and more via the user-friendly interface.

Our software has analyzed more than 550,000 real people and their professions via Wikipedia and more than 100 years of state-by-state US census data. View the results right here in unprecedented detail.

A sampling:

• Top occupations: Poet, Model, Actress
• Popularity peaked in 2010
• Most popular in the Northeast
• #2 in popularity last year

• Top occupations: Aerospace Engineer, Skeleton Racer, Librettist
• Popularity peaked in 1993
• Most popular in the Midwest
• #8 in popularity last year

Top names for football players:
#1 Terrell
#2 Darius
#3 Dexter
#4 Donovan
#5 Isaiah

Top names for writers:
#1 Jeannette
#2 Winifred
#3 Sterling
#4 Khalil
#5 Bertha

Archaeologist? Farmer? Soldier? Inventor? What are the top names for those? Check them out in the app.

Altogether, you’ll get to explore more than 3200 first names, all with detailed popularity info and 1200+ with occupation rankings. Real data from real people; no gimmicks, no nonsense.